Goat Shoulder Soup in a Nutbowl

The Tan boys have been slaving away down at Dan's House Studio, recording tracks for our next major release on Fez Monkey Records! 16 NEW TUNES including one brand-new-old-timey-might-have-heard-it-live-if-you-ever-come-to-see-us cover. We got rockers, we got reggae, we got 3/4, we got 4/4, we got real ones, we got sad ones and of course we got a monkey with a fez on! A few more sessions with Good Sir Dan and a long drawn out battle over who's ugly mug will be used as the cover art and we will be ready to release this bad boy! Anyone want to play name that Tavern Tan CD? we got a few ideas kickin around but we know you can come up with something better! Let us hear'em! We'll keep you up to date with the latest on our latest and all things Tan!