New Tavern Tan CD arrives!

Welp, after recording our 2nd set of Tavern Tuneage in April and May....we finally have the new Tavern Tan CD in our greasy lil' paws! YES, it arrived on the rickety back porch today, Pilgrims....entitled "3 Horse Power" (for reasons you will have to discover for yourselves), it has 16 new tunes on it, another fantastic production from Dan McKinney of Dan's House Studio (, and a nifty package by our crack design and photo staff at the always surprising Fez Monkey Records! This CD is our first with Bill Melcher playing bass, and contains the standard Tavern Tan eclectic mix of blues, country, and balls-out rock n' roll that have banned us from many a taproom and tavern on the eastern seaboard! We got loud electric guitars, clavinets, washboards, a sprinkling of mandolin....and a lotta monkey sounds! There will be a CD Release Party-type thang scheduled for Saturday November 10th at The Funhouse, and the CD will be available shortly online and RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW at our next show! So stop by and pick one up! You need this, baby! Winter is closing in and just who are your real friends anyway? Hmmm? Tavern Tan, that's who! 3 Horse Power! Out Now! Cheers! Stay tuned for more info about the CD release!