Tavern Tan Party at Godfrey Daniels this month!!

We've got a special Friday night gig at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem this month, pilgrims...it should be a blast. FRIDAY FEB 23rd at 8 PM. $ 14.50 tix!
And we're making it a party for all who come out to this great historic listening room, so it'll be MORE than just a fine night of TT music, old and new...we'll keep the tavern atmosphere alive by having some fine, tasty grub cooked by renowned cookbook author and fab drummer Dave, and we'll be playing a special down home hootenany-style acoustic set as well as full-out spastic electric rock n' roll...yes, it's Live American Music at a classic space for listening, drinkin', eating, and seeing friends and family. BYOB! So BE THERE!
It's probably wise to reserve a seat or a table:
Phone.. (610) 867-2390


Tavern Tan