The latest and greatest from Tavern Tan

Pilgrims, The latest Tavern Tan CD is being mastered as we speak and drink. 17 all-new Tavern Tunes to get you through these tough times. Expect it to be on the streets by the summer! Great shows coming up for the end of April...come on out to hear the new stuff, the old stuff, and all the embarrassing spur-of-the-moment ideas. Included is an important cancer benefit show at The Emmaus VFW Hall which coincides with South Mountain Cycles and Coffee Bar's 5th Anniversary! Saturday 4/25! 6 to 10 PM! Please come out and donate what you can, and eat some Dave-prepared smoked pork BBQ...ya can't go wrong. Check out Shows page. Also, the first annual McCoole's Beer Fest in Quakertown is on Saturday May 2nd, and The Tan will be there for both sessions, afternoon and evening. Check the link on out Shows page for details, but it looks like a lot of fun...dozens of beer vendors and a free tasting glass to walk around and sample the elixers...while music from Tavern Tan and The Derelict Franchise play live! Construct your beer cup holster now, build up your outdoor base burn tan, and we'll see you there! Tavern Tan