TT on 91.7 WMUH Allentown

Thats right folks! The Tan boys will be coming at you over the airwaves 8-9:30AM Monday February 19th on the "Mondays with Marlena" show with host Troy Schnyder on 91.7 WMUH Allentown.

The show, which we recorded last night, consisted of six tracks off of Foxed Flawed & Cupshot done in a very relaxed, stripped down acoustic set, mixed with our conversation with troy. And what did we talk about? well, hell, we wuz talkin' about the songs, the CD, upcoming Godfrey Daneils show, bad syracuse weather, good bike frames, Nicky Hopkins, 99 red balloons, Ned Beatty, the horseshoe curve and of course neon beer lights. and the Monkey was there to keep an eye (albeit an evil one) on troy.

Good Monkey! Now remember to tune in to WMUH for some plain and simple acoustic Tan!