All the Right Mistakes 2012

This is our latest release on Fez Monkey Records. Fourteen more songs to astound and confuse you. It's all new songs, Pilgrims...and it's all good! Available by mail order from CD Baby or just download the tunes on your internet machine. Or...(gasp!) buy it from us at a show near you!!


Tavern Tan: All the Right Mistakes

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You can also download the MP3s from corporate beast Amazon! 


A Barrel Full 2009 release

Our  epic Barrel Full of Tavern Tuneage is available by mail order (or digital download...but then ya don't get the cool packaging) from the good folks at CD Baby....or purchase the digital download—but then you don't get the cool packaging!


Tavern Tan: A Barrel Full


3 Horse Power

Our second, 2007 released 16-song CD is no longer available at shows due to it being almost completely out of print...but some last copies remain from the good folks at for $9.99...and is always available from CDBaby as a download as well as on Apple iTunes!! See the iTunes link below! This is a further expansion of the Tan's eclectic style, containing many TT favorites, so you know you need it, pilgrim....order NOW!

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Foxed, Flawed & Cupshot

Our 14-song debut CD is now available for purchase at our shows and on Produced by Dan McKinney and Tavern Tan, it is an excellent representation of The Tan Sound...and it has a monkey on the cover! Don't need to hear the fierce, yet oddly soothing modern American sounds of Tavern Tan NOW!! Purchase Fox, Flawed and Cupshot for $9.99