Thanks to Everyone

We tip our glasses, nod our fez monkeyed heads and toast everyone who has had great things to say about the new CD, 3 Horse Power! We are getting a great response from all the radio stations that matter, and to all that have bought the CD and told us what you think—Thank You! We had a busy last few moths with CD Release Parties and many great gigs, including a live, on-the-air set on WDIY 88.1 FM with The Alexis P. Suter Band, who are regulars at the incredible Levon Helm Midnight Rambles in Woodstock, NY! Thanks to everyone at WDIY for the great time. Remember, you can pick up Tavern Tan CDs through the links on this site, or go directly to they are out of stock, but they quickly replenish! Or drop us an e-mail if you have trouble finding the CD...we'll make sure you can buy one. And while you're at it, drop us a line on the guestbook and let us know what you think about our music and anything else gthat may cross your filthy lil' mind! Cheers! The Tan