The Godfrey Daniels Show

Greetings Pilgrims, TAVERN TAN has planned a very special night for NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT, 6/28 at GODFREY DANIELS and we hope you can be a part of's our semi-annual ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC/BBQ FEST/ FULL-NIGHT LIVE AMERICAN MUSIC CELEBRATION...and it all starts at 8 PM! Joining the full-fledged, rested and ready Tan Band will be DAN McKINNEY ON KEYBOARDS. Dan is the "Dan" of Center Valley's Dan's House Studios, and of course is the production mastermind behind our two Tavern Tan CDs, as well as more than tickling them ivories all over those same discs...SO this should be a VERY interesting night of music indeed, as we will be pulling out our usual blend of acoustic and electric ditties for a full night of Tavern Tuneage as never before! Amen! AND, like our last big show at Godfrey's, we like to make it worthwhile for our friends and neighbors who drop just a little extra coin to come see us at such a premiere listening room, one of the best and last of its type. Therefore, we'll have a nice catered spread of tasty eats prepared by the band for you to enjoy...this will definitely include some smoked meats from resident cooking genius and world renowned cookbook author Drummer Dave Joachim ( His mammoth Texas Smoker will be workin' overtime to provide all the usual suspects in the beef, Veg, and/or pork family...and who knows what else...the man is busy recipe testing again these Hippo or Rhino is not out of the question...stay tuned! Godfrey Daniels is a BYOB establishment and recommends reservations for this event...seating is limited, but this place is by volunteers and resonating with the sounds of all who have played there...from Dave Van Ronk to Townes Van Zandt to John Hammond to Gatemouth Brown to Marah and on and on. Call now! Reserve on their answering machine and they WILL get back to you!We hope you'll join us! TAVERN TAN AT GODFREY DANIELS SATURDAY JUNE 28th at 8 PM BYOB...AND COME HUNGRY 7 East Fourth Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015 (610) 867-2390 Happy summer! Cheers! Tavern Tan Band