Tavern Tan at Godfrey Daniels June 8th 

Yes, we return once again for a Saturday night hootenanny!

The American Musical Collective known as TAVERN TAN shambles into the legendary  Godfrey Daniels carrying not only their incredibly fine-tuned and pristine pawnshop musical equipment but also a boatload of home-made Barbecue! It’s a summertime thing. Dig it! Call Godfrey’s now or go online and make a reservation! Then you pay at the door! Bring your own beverages of choice! Excelsior!




17.50 includes BBQ and

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Hey Pilgrims,

TT is well into recording their fourth album...this time we set the well-worn amps and gee-tars down at Westwires Studio in Allentown with Producer/Engineer Wayne Becker! Fourteen tracks have been recorded...and we'll see if they all make the cut, but so far things are going quite nicely...in the meantime, our now legendary and semi-annual GODFREY DANIELS BBQ HOOTENANNY is THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, 3/9! We'll be playing some  songs from the new recording as well as whatever else strikes our fancy…

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Artist Connection Podcast—Check it out 

We wanted to tell you about a very worthwhile and exciting new project from our good friend Matt Kacar...Matt has started The Artists Connection Podcast, a series of interviews with artists he respects and admires, many of them local Lehigh Valley musicians, including our very own Doug Ashby and Dave Joachim of Tavern Tan, who sat down with Matt and talked all kinds of good stuff! In December, Tom Aczel sat down with matt in his basement rock n roll museum for a chat. Check 'em out; these are long-form…

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Godfrey Daniels a Sell out! 

Thanks to everyone for a great full house night at Godfrey Daniels on 2/26! It was a blast and we hope to do it again soon! Pork BBQ for EVERYONE!!!!

A Barell Full now on iTunes!!! 

Hop around with white things in your ears as you blast "Friend of the Band" into your eardrums...available now for digital download!!!

A Barrel Full o' Thanks! 

A hearty raise of the ol' tavern mugs and a big thanks to everyone who has made our third Cd, A Barrel Full, such a success! If you haven't heard it yet, check out the links on our site or go to iTunes, where it is now available under the Tavern Tan Family of Products for your listening pleasure A big thank you to all the great folks at WDIY 88.1 FM (http://wdiy.org/), who have kept the CD a-spinnin' on the majority of their programs since the release, as well as all the other great local radio stations…

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The new Tavern Tan CD is here! 

Pilgrims, The good people at Fez Monkey Records dropped a Barrel Full of Tavern Tuneage on the rickety front porch today, so we hustled 'em inside and out of the rain, cracked open a beer, fired up the ol' high fidelity system, and proclaimed "YEE HAW!" Yes, that's right, the new Tavern Tan CD, "A BARREL FULL" has arrived, and it's an epic collection of 17 all-new songs once again recorded by and co-produced (along with The Tan) by Dan McKinney of Dan's House Studios (http://danshousestudio.com/)!…

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The latest and greatest from Tavern Tan 

Pilgrims The latest Tavern Tan CD is being mastered as we speak and drink. 17 all-new Tavern Tunes to get you through these tough times. Expect it to be on the streets by the summer! Great shows coming up for the end of April...come on out to hear the new stuff, the old stuff, and all the embarrassing spur-of-the-moment ideas. Included is an important cancer benefit show at The Emmaus VFW Hall which coincides with South Mountain Cycles and Coffee Bar's 5th Anniversary! Saturday 4/25! 6 to 10 PM!…

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sazerac and sly foxes 

well we've been back at it again. the usual suspects in our usual haunt. we returned once more to dan's house studio to begin recording our 3rd full length cd of tunes. about 16 ditties including one cover....and its a doozy. you could say its our new alma mater. we still have some work to do on all the new songs, plus we'll have to name it, design it, package it and someday have a big ol'hoopty of a cd release party. but right now we are just happy to be putting the details into our brand new little…

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