The new Tavern Tan CD is here!

Pilgrims, The good people at Fez Monkey Records dropped a Barrel Full of Tavern Tuneage on the rickety front porch today, so we hustled 'em inside and out of the rain, cracked open a beer, fired up the ol' high fidelity system, and proclaimed "YEE HAW!" Yes, that's right, the new Tavern Tan CD, "A BARREL FULL" has arrived, and it's an epic collection of 17 all-new songs once again recorded by and co-produced (along with The Tan) by Dan McKinney of Dan's House Studios (! This third release by The Tan expands upon their eclectic mix of roots has everything from contemplative country sounds to teeth jangling rock n roll distortion...acoustic and electric guitars, rockers, ballads, blues, washboards, guest keyboards by the great Dan McKinney, guest guitars by the legendary Brother JT ( and much, much more... and it was all recorded in that loose, live-in-the-studio style that has endeared us to Tan Fans the world over and has alienated most grumpy bar and club owners from here to the mighty Mississippi! The disc is easy on the eyes as well, packaged beautifully in an environmentally friendly six panel plastic-less "eco-wallet" put together by the Good People at Fez Monkey. The CD will be available online in a couple of weeks, and we are currently posting some songs as well, but right now the best way to get your forward-reaching Pilgrimming Paws on it is to come out to a Tavern Tan show and buy one for a recession busting $10! The next show is our now famous semi-annual Godfrey Daniels blowout...a CD Release Party that not only features a full night of Tavern Tan in a ridiculously good sounding room and an intimate setting, but FREE BBQ prepared by the band itself...and we needn't remind you that when it comes to heatin' up the kitchen, the Tanners aren't a bunch of hapless Mr. Moms burning toast and spilling jarred tomato sauce while fumbling through recipe cards...these fellers, led by cookbook author Dave Joachim and professional chef Bill Melcher, bring the heavy culinary thunder as well as rocking the house as the finest rhythm section you NEED to be there on SEPTEMBER 12th at 8 PM to experience it all, gang! A great show, a hearty thank you dinner, and a CD Release Party all rolled into one Barrel Full of Monkey Madness! More news soon! Excelsior! Tavern Tan