Foxed, Flawed & Cupshot

Yes, pilgrims, Tavern Tan got it together long enough to actually record their debut CD, "Foxed, Flawed & Cupshot", now released on Fez Monkey Records! Much good music, whiskey, chili, gumbo, and apple wine. Dan Mckinney expertly engineered and produced, as well as laying down some fine keyboards on some of the tracks, and providing that apple vino. Check out for details on his studio! Thanks Dan! You are an honorary Tavern Dan and very much "The Man"! The CD is hot off the presses and the 18-wheeler just dumped them on the rickety back porch, so a "CD Release"-type show is being planned at The Funhouse for Saturday, July 15th. "Foxed Flawed & Cupshot" will also be available soon on Stay tuned. 13 original tunes, plus an RL Burnside cover. Dig it!!! The Fez Monkey nods in simian approval!!