Artist Connection Podcast—Check it out

We wanted to tell you about a very worthwhile and exciting new project from our good friend Matt Kacar...Matt has started The Artists Connection Podcast, a series of interviews with artists he respects and admires, many of them local Lehigh Valley musicians, including our very own Doug Ashby and Dave Joachim of Tavern Tan, who sat down with Matt and talked all kinds of good stuff! In December, Tom Aczel sat down with matt in his basement rock n roll museum for a chat. Check 'em out; these are long-form discussions that last from 45 minutes to over an hour. If you long for the days when the art of conversation meant something, and you need more Dick Cavett and less Jay Leno in your life, than this is definitely worth subscribing to—FREE! Matt is just getting started but he already has great discussions with Mike Watt, Chris Thomas King, John Lee Hooker Jr, Danielle Lubené, Mike Dugan, Bev "BC" Conklin...its all good, pilgrims! Check it out, and let Matt know what you think: