sazerac and sly foxes

well we've been back at it again. the usual suspects in our usual haunt. we returned once more to dan's house studio to begin recording our 3rd full length cd of tunes. about 16 ditties including one cover....and its a doozy. you could say its our new alma mater. we still have some work to do on all the new songs, plus we'll have to name it, design it, package it and someday have a big ol'hoopty of a cd release party. but right now we are just happy to be putting the details into our brand new little sweethearts. some of you might have heard a few of them out and about at our recent gigs. some of them were born right there on the studio floor, spillin out into a world of sazerac, sly foxes, spaten and spiced rum. yes you could say these little darlins were well medicated when they entered this world, so we recommend you are when they enter yours. we think you will like them and can't wait to introduce you......but not just yet. they need a few more vaccinations....they should be ready sometime in spring of 09. until then we will see you out there. take care and cheers from ttb!